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About Zue Anna

Combines luxury with the pursuit of happiness and sustainability. We are your longtime companion, gentle on your skin and our sheep.

The Product

Our Standard

Our Love for Animals

With our unique animal welfare standard, we make sure our sheep live happy for their lifetime.


Our Transparency

Transparency creates trust. See where our wool comes from and what are the important production steps.


Our Quality

Our products stand for exceptional quality. Every move is made with love and dedication to detail.


Meet your Sheep

Find out which cuddly character is responsible for your favorite piece.


Zue Anna in the Press

"Total transparency & give back - Zue Anna"

"...Zue Anna, founded in Berlin, combines fashion with the well-being of animals."

"It is not uncommon for small brands to set high standards - this year in Berlin founded label Zue Anna is a prime example."

"The label ZUE ANNA creates luxury pullovers for men and women who come from the happiest sheep in the world."

"Revolutionary - that's how transparent fashion can be"

"Awesome: We can even check which sheep delivered the wool of our pullover."

"The world needs more of this passion!"