Our Transparency

Only with control we can keep our promises. This is why we control every step from the animal to our sweater.

The Farm

Our farm, located just north of the city Albury, New South Wales in Australia. Currently there we have two Zue Anna herds, which are treated and maintained only to our standard. Our goal is to integrate all sheep of the farm into our standard in the future.


The Spinning Mill

There is a whole set of steps and inspections necessary in order to spin yarn that meets our exacting standards. In the northern Italian town of Biella we found exactly the type of spinning mill with the experience and tradition that we were looking for.


The Knitting Mill

In order to create the perfect wool product, we had numerous prototypes made to see how our wool behaves during the manufacturing process. Our treasures knitted with Italian master hand in Borgo Ticino and are refined and sewn by hand.