The Knitting Mill

The Knitting Mill

With their depth experience and unrivaled passion, the employees in northern Italy ensure that our pullovers aren’t just super comfortable, they are also exceptionally well made. Knitted with machines and sewn by hand, we use a variety of techniques to create a small piece of Italian craftsmanship.


In order to create the perfect wool product, one must first understand wool and its characteristics. Only after a long prototyping and testing phase were we able to use our fully automatic knitting machine to process the yarn into soft fabric that is exactly the right size, so as to avoid wastage, and that meets our demanding quality standards.


Here the pureness of water together with a pH neutral emulsion used is of utmost importance. At our mill near the Italian Alps we are lucky to have just the kind of soft, clear, unpolluted water that won’t damage the structure of the sensitive fibers.

Hand Finishing

After all of the individual pieces have been knit, they need to be stitched together by hand. Each of the loops is put onto the machine by hand so that the sewing thread can go through each loop one by one. A true overcast seam takes time, experience, and a great eye. Last hand grips follow by hand stitch.