Farm and Farmer

Farm and Farmer

The Rosemont Farm, with its distinctive vegetation and landscape, has everything a sheep’s heart could desire: hills and dales for protection from wind and weather, shady eucalyptus trees for those hot summer months, and plenty of natural streams for ready access to fresh water.

The Farmer

With Leon Martin we have a real passionate farmer! He is a well-respected consultant in the field of animal nutrition and agricultural economics, teaching other farmers how to optimally manage their soil, plant, and animal ecosystems. He calls, working with nature and animals not just a job, but real love.


Leon's right-hand man is involved in everything from feeding to obstetrics.


Our shearer is a gentle guy who works with calmness and mindfulness, making the shearing comfortable for our sheep and himself.


Taking care of orphaned lambs, helps sorting the wool during the shearing and dreams of becoming a farmer herself.