Our Animal Welfare Standard

Slow Shearing

Shearing is a central part of when talking about happiness of our sheep. Our highest priority is the well-being of our animals, that is why we’ve tried to make the shearing process as stress-free as possible. Our own standard ensures that there is almost never any injury when shearing.

A Different Model

An essential aspect that influences the well-being of the sheep is the payment model of the shearers. We pay instead for the number and speed, for care and attention with which the animals are shorn. We take the speed, increase the sensitivity to resistance while shearing and we take the mutual competitive thoughts.

The Shearing-Technique

Our sheep are shorn slowly! If our shearer ever feels the slightest resistance within the wool, he will stop and redo the same area with more distance to the skin. With this shearing distance, we minimize the risk of injury considerably and allow the sheep the wool they need to protect themselves from the weather such as sun and cold. Longer and more frequent breaks also give the shearers the chance to regain their strength and better hold the sheep in the proper position.